Ms. Jacqueline Karuhanga: Ag. Grants ManagerI warmly welcome you to the Grants Office, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)The establishment of MUST GRANTS OFFICE (MGO) followed the increasing need to establish a centralized Grants Office for the entire university in a bid to ensure effective management of grants/awards received by all Faculties/departments within the University. It was anticipated that having a functional centralized grants office will allow researchers to devote more time towards the science of their research projects leaving the administration and financial management to the Grants Office.

In response to this, MGO was established with approval from the University Council and started functioning on November 1st, 2009. It is important to note that this historic step taken by MUST made it the first public university in Uganda to have a central grants office servicing the entire university, an achievement that is in line with MUST’s tradition of pioneering innovative approaches to education and development in Uganda.

The MUST Grants Office (MGO) under the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT) continues to make strides in the oversight of the management and finance administration of all grants awarded to MUST. The office continues to assist MUST researchers in obtaining and managing sponsored awards that support scholarly activities while ensuring proper stewardship of those funds. This is done in close coordination with the MUST Central Administration and the different Faculties, in strict compliance with the MUST policy framework. MGO further facilitates relationships with all Collaborators / Foundations, Corporations, and Government Agencies wishing to support programs and research at MUST.

Through collaboration with various partners from the USA, Canada, Europe, and local sister institutions like Makerere University and John Hopkins University Collaborations (MUJHU), MGO has mainly supported research and collaboration in various Faculties of the university as well as serving as a link between the university and funding agencies.

MGO Functions

MGO performs the following key grants administration functions;

  • Manage research grants and funds
  • Support generation of grants
  • Identify, evaluate and manage research collaborations
  • Support researchers regarding research ethics, protocols, and all other legal requirements in all prospective and ongoing projects

Core Values

 Innovation: MGO values creativity and embraces new trends.

 Professionalism:  MGO values competence, ethics, and integrity among researchers, grants administration staff, and external stakeholders.

Accountability: Guided by clear policies and procedures, MGO is accountable to all stakeholders

Transparency: MGO promotes openness in all aspects of its work. The office encourages open access to information, inclusive decision-making, and values feedback.