Mbarara University Grants Office

Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Grants Office

Pre Award Activities

MGO provides expertise to identify, secure, and manage research funding from national and international funding agencies. The office offers assistance with identifying external funding sources and preparing grant proposals, as well as providing several helpful programs to promote greater success in obtaining external grant funding, such as grant activity and proposal submission information.
- Dissemination of funding opportunities/ information
- Provides assistance to the research community with reviews, budgeting and submission of grant proposals
- Facilitates collaboration / serves as a link between the university and external funders/ international stakeholders

Post award Activities

In addition to the pre award activities, MGO oversees the implementation of research projects. It assumes full legal responsibility for ensuring that all funds received through a particular award are used for the purposes and intent outlined in the conditions of the contractual agreement. In respect to this, the office undertakes the following activities;



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