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 UCSF has collaborated with Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine for over a decade and with the MUST Grants since it was established. Through Partnership, UCSF has done several research studies in HIV infected population, Alcohol use, improving science of measurement of Alcohol consumption using Biomarkers of Alcohol use, finding the effect of alcohol consumption on HIV disease progression under the UCSF _ Principal investigator Judy Hahn. Some recent researches completed and ongoing include;-

Impact of heavy alcohol on Pre-ART HIV disease – Uganda ARCH-Funded by NIH/NIAAA 1U01AA020776 (Hahn), 9/20/2011-8/31/2016). Read More......                  

Changes in alcohol consumption among the HIV positives in Uganda- Funded by National Institute of Health (R01 AA018631), Judith Hahn _ 08/01/2010 – 03/31/2014. Read More......  

1. BREATH Study, (2009-2014)…Dr. Judy Hahn, Dr Winnie Muyindike.

2. ADEPT. You can follow this link to view Adept publication. Adept publication,

Qualitative study of changes in alcohol use among HIV-infected adults entering care and treatment for HIV/AIDS in rural southwest Uganda.

3. IeDEAInternational epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS led by Jeffery Martin and Elvin Geng work together with Prof David Bansberg of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in actively improving the Electronic Medical Records at ISS Clinic in Mbarara, Uganda. 



6. GloCal Fellowship: In 2014, MUST’s won Dr Helen Byakwagagot an opportunity for a 2year Post-Doctoral fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Martin (UCSF), Dr. Peter Hunt (UCSF) and Dr. Muzoora Conrad (MUST). Dr Helen’s primary interest is investigating morbidity and mortality in HIV infected individuals.

These studies have been successfully implemented at MUST and the research findings have been published in world class research journals and garnered a lot of reviews and citations. Click here

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) has had a long standing collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) under the MUST-MGH Research Collaboration, for the past decade. This collaboration is run by MUST Grants Office (MGO). MGO is equipped to manage and implement both local and international projects and research protocols that are carried out in Uganda. A number of research studies, fellowships and scholarships have been conducted under this collaboration. Some of which include:

UARTOThis is a recently concluded study that followed a cohort of HIV infected adults to study antiretroviral adherence, resistance and Mortality in a poor resource setting. Publications coming soon.................

Other studies from MGH include; NCD R21, META, CAMTECH GCC, CAMTECH AIR, MGH/MMED Fellowship, MGH/MMED Nursing, MGH/MMED Pyschiatry, MMED Fellowship SEED, FTF PEADIATRIC, CLEAN AIR STUDY, UARTO P 3, Oncology Study, Post Poterm Sepsis, BIMI RDTMSS, BIMI Expansion Fund, Vitamin D & Risk of ViralInfection













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