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About MGO

The establishment of MUST GRANTS OFFICE (MGO) followed the increasing need to establish a centralized Grants Office for the entire university in a bid to ensure effective management of grants / awards received by all Faculties/departments within the University. It was anticipated that having a functional centralized grants office will allow researchers to devote more time towards the science of their research projects leaving the administration and financial management to the Grants Office.

In response to this, MGO was established with approval from the University Council and started functioning on November 1st, 2009. It is important to note that this historic step taken by MUST made it the first public university in Uganda to have a central grants office servicing the entire university, an achievement that is in line with MUST’s tradition of pioneering innovative approaches to education and development in Uganda. Although MGO functions as a semi-independent unit under MUST, it works closely with the central administration of MUST as well as the administrative bodies of the different Faculties and Institutes that constitute MUST. Through collaboration with various partners from the USA, Canada, Europe and local sister institutions like Makerere University John Hopkins University Collaborations (MUJHU), MGO has mainly supported research and collaboration in various Faculties of the university as well as serving as a link between the university and funding agencies.

MGO’s vision is to be a one stop centre that facilitates preserves and creates a mechanism and environment that supports, and nurtures local and international research for knowledge development of the entire university and its collaborators.

MGO mission is to provide leadership, human resource and financial administration to all research activities within MUST.

MGO goal is to form effective partnerships, networks and collaboration centers to facilitate research administration and development. This will be achieved through three core functions of financial administration of all sponsored research, human resource management and being a one stop centre for information concerning available sources of funding.

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